The Boy

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I still haven’t gotten my head around the whole father thing. I don’t think it makes me a bad dad its just rather that I can’t see myself doing what I’m doing. Diapers, formula. Having deep conversations with the woman i love about poop v wet diapers. That coupled with the fact that he still for all intensive purposes resembles a large sack of flour. However cute that flour may be. He doesn’t do much. Its like a smelly tamagotchi. I still have mine around here somewhere. I should put a battery in that thing so
i can practice this whole feed, clean, burp swaddle cycle we have going on. Nothing more just a general post.

Coffee Update: much to other’s chagrin including my lovely wife. I placed my finger into my glass of cool coffee the other day and placed it in the lads mouth. He smacked with delight and opened his maw for more so I think we have a winner. We’ll keep him. He passed the entrance exam.  

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