Horray for our Side!


There have been some rather fun-D mental changes around here of late. Both on the blog and at home. First the blog. I think i like this new layout. So much so in fact I’m working towards getting my podcast transfered to this hosting provider. I need to work on a couple of things to get it done correctly but i would love to be able to consolidate both sites into one production. Second off i am feeling more and more comfortable working on WordPress as a blogging platform. So that helps. And finally technorati is
working like a champ and our entry now has the correct update information. Good to know, good to know. So a big thank you goes out to them for getting my index working correctly.

Other than that the main focus of this post was originally going to be how much quicker my computer seems now that i am using a wired network connection. But that was last night before, the call. I received a call while in work that the computer was not working, in fact after some minor troubleshooting the whole shebang was down. So i came home kicked the tires only to find that the spiffy network card was a dud. Enter the benefit of having a bevy of spare parts in your garage enter new network card, exit blues.
So now this post is about the quickness of pci bus Ethernet verses a usb dongle wifi connection. I had always been just far enough away from the main hub in our house to make this dream of wired connections a far off one. Now as i sit and type i get a quicker connection basically because i don’t need to go over wifi, number one, and secondly because the card is plugged directly into the motherboard as opposed to being a USB plug in… nice. but still that 20 dollar dongle was better at keeping a signal then almost
any other. So this is nice.

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