Mixed Media is Fun, the message not so much

roller-coaster.jpgWhat do you get when you mix the average price of houses, the inflation adjusted dollar amount and a roller coaster simulator? Well non other than this video, it takes a bit to load but its worth it. I have to say i feel the pinch of the end of that coaster we bought our house in 06, pretty much the highest point on that coaster. It had to be done right?

Sometimes it just sucks to be a young family in this day and age. Now we are not poor, we make a good living. Both adults gainfully employed, but the way the current economy is set up first time home buyer, parents and newlyweds are pretty much up a crick. Our dollars buy less than ever, both people need to work to support car, house, baby. Baby now requires daycare because parents have to work. Its a vicious cycle, a vicious oppressive cycle at times. And the only thing you can do is hold your breath and pray the wrecking ball of time starts to swing the balence a little more towards the center again.

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BTW Picture Hoisted from Trouble with Spikol, click the pic to head on over, an interesting and witty read
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