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It seems that once again the literary arm of the media juggernaught Paul Rj Muller has once again fallen on hard times… ie this blog hasn’t been updated in a while. I mean just look at the sorry state of the links to your right… pitiful. And that heading disgraceful. I’m barely sure that i want to grace this page with my content. But onward I go.

Has anyone else wondered what else is going on in the world that we are missing out on now that Imus has the spotlight, and sharing it with Anna Nicole’s Baby Daddy. I’m sure a couple well meaning citizens have been engaged in a civic action in need of a fluff story to validate their actions. I’m also sure at least 5 people may have died over the weekend but not a lick of coverage. Its pretty sad that the media circus gets distracted so easily. I guess they all need something else to talk about besides Iraq, Bush and what democrat said who about what now. Are we as a country really this vapid or do we just not care about things of substance.

I’m guilty of this on many occasions. On the political front mainly due to the fact that as an Independent I can’t vote in the Primaries, unless there is a choice among independent candidates. Which basically sucks here in good ole Philadelphia, where the next mayor is decided in the democratic party primary. Way to disenfranchise a whole slew of people. Open primaries would rock in a city so openly and overwhelmingly Democrat.

So I’d like to take this chance to push forth a new news channel that doesn’t get caught up in the gossip news, no fluff stories. perhaps a wiki of news. run by a Community, everyone contributing what they think is news, and the most submissions on a topic gets thrown up there. Would be a fresh blast of air. Perhaps this is a good idea for a podcast… giving this some thought. tabling it for later.

The other story gaining traction is the New Jersey governor in an auto crash. He is listed in critical condition, and was not wearing his seatbelt at the time. It is illegal to ride in a car in the great state of NJ without a seatbelt. Bets on whether he gets a ticket. But seriously all the best wishes to the man. I wish him no ill will and hope for a speedy recovery. But to bring the story back around to what matters in the media, The Gov was on his way to meet with Imus… sigh


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