Xbox 360: Live Arcade: Ageis Wing

First off let me say something about free games, by definition they don’t have to stand up to the same type of scrutiny as pay for play games. You don’t have to justify their acquisition. That being said the bar is also set quite low for titles, and content which comes gratis. So without the onus of judgment the fine fellows at Microsoft did something people have been clamoring for, they content of value to their service without nickel and dime-ing us. Imagine that.

  1. Catchy Soundtrack
  2. Action packed game play
  3. Decent visual experience
  4. Challenging.
  5. Pick it up already its free

Not much else to say except this game far exceeded the low standards i set for it. There is no tie in for extra money going into Microsoft’s coffers, nothing a true no strings attached playable fun game.


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