Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Well I figured this would be a great opportunity to spout off just a little bit. Summer is a great season if your a teacher, sucks if you work at a University, or have a window. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty to do in work. I could probably do with some help on some of the bigger chunks I’m working on but the lack of human contact during the day makes even the busiest day drag. I swear I’m going to start talking to myself soon. I was almost glad when a faculty members machine broke. She brought it in got to watch the tech operate on the machine 4 times, still isn’t fixed but hey Its still under warranty so I’m fine here.

We need to find a happy medium in between crowded and busy to busy and lonely. Thats all I’m saying. That and the fact that the powers that be around here see fit to schedule massive construction projects during the summer, which they should. But it makes even walking around the campus a challenge. Perhaps you should let the minions free for a little bit so the construction workers can do their thing too? Just a  suggestion. Well Folks it was a long week but I survived… on ~48 hours till another week starts… sigh

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