Music with Words

Ok time for a little show down on one of the larger problems I face when it comes to writing any content of note. I need to get into a rhythm to write well. I have an entire routine I go through to write term papers, I haven’t needed it in a while but i realize the routine has started to seep into other activities in my life, *cough* as one example. Programming is actually worse believe it or not than writing more concentration is needed. So sometimes to name a demon one can more quickly excise it.

First trouble I find myself facing is that I need to set a schedule to write. Bereft of deadlines my normal writing process has been thrown into a tailspin. But thats not what I came to talk to you about today. Today I wanted to shed some light onto my routine.

First off I need music, and the music can’t have words. I’m easily distracted and frankly i start typing the lyrics to the song. I once turned a paper into a philosophy professor, written the night before with a line from a song in the middle of the paragraph. made no sense whats so ever.

  1. Quite room other than the techno, classical, or blue man group music on in the background.
  2. Dimly light quarters. Indirect natural light or
  3. Cold beverage, preferably black coffee.
  4. I need to be relaxed, alone and well caffeinated.
  5. Outline, I need to have a general Idea of what i’m going to write, preferably outlined on the wall, I keep ideas taped to the wall, desk or surrounding area when I’m really in the groove.
  6. I can’t be hungry or too full.

The biggest bugaboo to my writing is that if i get interrupted I might as well throw whatever comes after that right out the window. I need to hear only my voice in my head, I think its because i sound the words out in my head before I write them onto the page.

Frankly I’m feeling a bit weird looking at my oddball habits from an outside perspective.  When I get more time I’ll write the full routine out but I was wondering if anyone else had things that had to be just so in order for their creative juices run run.  Speaking of Weird I’m listening to a German classical station online right now and the a German language version of The Wind Beneath my Wings just came on… now that is odd.  More to come

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