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  • If a Rose Is nothing but a rose, then is a lego rose just as…

    If a Rose Is nothing but a rose, then is a lego rose just as awesome as regular lego? legos: Lego Rose.

  • 3d Movies Suck

    The wife and I took the boy to a see Christmas Carol today with Jim Carey. Awkward performance by mister Carey aside. Its the first time i’ve seen 3d movie in quite some time. Never liked them much but also couldn’t figure out why. I think i have an idea now. Alright I used to […]

  • A Healthy Geek

    Got to get Tough I really wanted to talk about health. Everyone out there in this fast paced world of ours is struggling to not only find time for things like twitter, social media, jobs, family, traffic, life in general but also manage to pry themselves away from the computer long enough to get a […]

  • Testing purposes

    I hate doing things for no reason. busy work, homework, taxes… you get the drift. Its not the effort that it costs me but the artifice of interest it implies by completing the task. Take this post for instance. I need to test something on my blog. I didn’t start out to do anything but […]

  • Music with Words

    Ok time for a little show down on one of the larger problems I face when it comes to writing any content of note. I need to get into a rhythm to write well. I have an entire routine I go through to write term papers, I haven’t needed it in a while but i […]

  • See you Scotty

    For those of you not in the know, the actor formerly know as Scotty, one James Doogan, passed away in Mid 2005. An accomplished actor on various levels, a WWII veteran who landed on D-Day, a Pilot. Holy hell this dude had some life. Not to mention Cult Hero status. Being famous for a line […]

  • Wired for Sound: Firefox 2.0 preview

    Yeah thats how we roll around here. Ok so the baby aside, or off to the side as he may be. I came here today to give you my fair and obviously unbiased opinion of Firefox two point oh. This very post in fact is being written entirely on the back of this most glorious […]

  • CaffiNation 048

     Welcome to the CaffiNation 048: Lubricated Edition The High Octane world of Tunes and Tech, Coffee and all things Caffeine. Tech Tid-Bits :—– Wrong end of the Cam, Potential for abuse? Children your room is safe from little sisters ect. Grab your things I’ve come to take you home. Concerning wake up music Cursed Pad? […]

  • Impedance & Flow

    Like with electricity and water i usually attempt to go with the flow most times. hitting a stride of least resistance. Not in the big choices, but rather in the day to day ones. My measurement of resistance is guff(s). So checking the guff-o-meter as I stroll through life helps in some ways hurts in […]

  • Ok So we are going to try and take back the blog…

    Testing Testing testing, Here is the long and the short of the problems we are having. I used to have my blog with blogger. Blogger does not support RSS, only atom. I was unsure of feeddemon and didn’t want an extra step in there. So i needed to switch over to wordpress. So far wordpress […]