Impedance & Flow

Like with electricity and water i usually attempt to go with the flow most times. hitting a stride of least resistance. Not in the big choices, but rather in the day to day ones. My measurement of resistance is guff(s). So checking the guff-o-meter as I stroll through life helps in some ways hurts in others. For instance if I’m going to be doing anything i don’t want to have any guff thrown back at me, i don’t want to hear about it. I want it done, over with and move on. If i perceive a chance of guff i might move a different direction. I get flak for my stance on guff, but oddly enough i don’t measure flak in terms of guff-i-tude but rather but its potential for creating guff.

This is to say that that flak is to a peso what guff is to a dollar. The exchange rate varies in a stock market type of way. Less flak might be needed to hit full fledged guff status on any given day. But then again guff requires a directional attack as well. Let me demonstrate. Flak is a user or groups of users complaining about rules and regulation set in place to keep order. This flak does not reach guff status until either a.) the attacks & complaints take on a personal tone or an accusatory paranoid stance, or b.) a user impedes my progress with other things by insisting on complaining and being heard. It is the nature of people to strain against boundaries.

Don’t take any of this fluff about guff to be a passive tone, nor a passive aggressive stance on life. I can confront people. I do confront and offend others with alarming regularity, it is just one of the many services I provide. I just weigh the options before hand, is this confrontation going to result in a reduction in guff or an increase? Pent up guff is worth letting loose from time to time, but only in a controlled manner.

Thats about it. guff, and Flak and the like. Hope you enjoyed.

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