See you Scotty

For those of you not in the know, the actor formerly know as Scotty, one James Doogan, passed away in Mid 2005. An accomplished actor on various levels, a WWII veteran who landed on D-Day, a Pilot. Holy hell this dude had some life. Not to mention Cult Hero status. Being famous for a line he never said.

Now at the time of his passing I had heard that his ashes would be sent into space. A fitting tribute to a man who spent the larger part of his life being associated with space but never getting to experiance it for himself. Imagine being able to make a living off of Photography with out ever taking a picture only seeing them?

Now having you ashes sent into space isn’t a cheap thing. And like most logical people I didn’t think they would be coming back. Afterall you dead, why do we need to cluttering the joint back up? Once your out have fun drifting towards the sun. Well not only has this event not taken place, yes Scotty hasn’t beamed anywhere at this point, its been over 2 years and still very much earth bound. But it turns out the ashes come back. Well color me surprised. So the Chief Engineering Officer gets one last tour of duty in space before becoming forever earthbound. Well met Sir, and have a safe flight.

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