Ok So we are going to try and take back the blog…

Testing Testing testing,

Here is the long and the short of the problems we are having. I used to have my blog with blogger. Blogger does not support RSS, only atom. I was unsure of feeddemon and didn’t want an extra step in there. So i needed to switch over to wordpress.

So far wordpress has been cool. I set up a test blog at puzzlepiecepro.com/pod while keeping my blogger one at www.puzzlepiecepro.com/blog. Woredpress has a  cool feature which lets it grab all of the blogger posts from the server and transport them into wordpress. So blogger was out of the picture. Bonus. I stupidly thought all i had to do was rename a directory in the file manager and all would be fine. from /pod to /blog. caused some issues.

We are still having some minor permissions problems. Long and the short of it was that i lost the blog for about two days… luckily i still had my blogger account, so I reimported, reposted my old entries and backed everything up.

Now to the meat and potatoes. I want to move my podcast from podomatic to its own server. this will allow me to do more things and actually make money from the whole thing. Bonus. So i’m testing podpress for adding mp3 files to the feed. let me know what anyone thinks.

I still need to work on the look of the site but, a la the beatles. its getting better all the time. BTW look for a whole new look to puzzlepiecepro very soon. Cleaner, less fat and with no carbs.

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