3d Movies Suck

The wife and I took the boy to a see Christmas Carol today with Jim Carey. Awkward performance by mister Carey aside. Its the first time i’ve seen 3d movie in quite some time. Never liked them much but also couldn’t figure out why. I think i have an idea now.

Alright I used to enjoy the idea of 3d movies. Now some of the scenes are intentionally shifted to create a 3D experience. Why would a character do X? Is it a natural progression of the character development or a gimmick? This movies was half and half of both.

The major issue i had is that my eyes hurt something fierce while watching the movies. i found out i must normally cock my head to one side while watching, but as soon as your eyes are out of line the image shifts out of focus… Bad Juju. The movie had scenes which were perfectly set for a 3D scene, but sometimes it just seemed out of focus, and since most of the movie was dark I was left unsure of weather it was my eyes unable to see the action because i wasn’t meant to or because i was out of sorts.

In short the idea of a 3D movie and the implementation are left very far apart. In a world where everyone is pushing higher def an entire movie in and out of focus is ridiculous. The intro to the movie, with the countdown from 10 was more enjoyable as a 3D than the rest of the movie.

I’m writing this over 9 hours after the movie my eyes still feel fuzzy my head hurts like anything, and to top that off the movie was just alright. I’d much rather have viewed a crisp poor movie than an “innovative digital 3D experience” Can we let this technology go away for good now? Just because fashion brought the 80’s back doesn’t mean we need the crappy tech along with it.

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