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gi_joe_flint-magnet.jpgGot to get Tough

I really wanted to talk about health. Everyone out there in this fast paced world of ours is struggling to not only find time for things like twitter, social media, jobs, family, traffic, life in general but also manage to pry themselves away from the computer long enough to get a little exercise in.

Geeks such as myself are notoriously lazy, and I am no exception when it comes to actually getting up off my duff and into the gym. A problem I need to fix. But it also comes with respect to diet. I have eaten badly most of my adult life until i moved in with my Wife. Basically she eats healthy, and I eat anything that sits still long enough to resemble food. I enjoy food and I can cook. This is a dangerous combo.
I have seen evidence both through my wife and her fantastic dedication to getting and staying healthy that I might need a little encouragement to do so. A public display of sorts to suggest that I should get into better shape. Around my son’s 1st birthday in September i started on Weight Watchers, with the encouragement of my wife.


Starting Stats Sept 25th 2007: 6’2″ Tall and 280 lbs… Yeah its a bit stunning to see that in print. Here is what i was working with.

I did very well, but lost the faith over the holidays. Too many birthdays in march and my need for comfort food when its cold out. This coupled with the stress associated with having a 16 month old son don’t leave much energy left over for exercise, nor willpower for eating healthy.

By January this is what that same line looked like, just off of dieting, and no exercise. Stats January 31st 2008: 235 lbs, same height. So 45lbs down. I apparently don’t take many photo’s of myself, nothing further away than this picture so now you have to stare at mug mug from close up.

Now I’m starting to creep back up due to a massive lapse in concentration and no real work ethic regarding getting fit. Mind you i know i don’t look unhealthy I just need to reaffirm my dedication and get back on track hopefully sharing and starting to exercise will motivate the geek in me to keep up with it. I’m shooting for 200lbs. My supposed Ideal weight is 170 lbs. But at 170lbs, which I was in high school, I was skinny as a rail. And now i have a wider more muscled build so i don’t really think 170 is a realistic goal. 2 bills just seems right. I’ll keep updating as I work out a workout routine and make milestones.


So right now I’m back to 245 lbs, but getting serious about dropping again. I know this isn’t going to be easy. In High school I was on the track team, biked everywhere and was a trim 170. I am now 28, I have had two knee surgeries, and I live the sedentary geek lifestyle, and an hour commute in the car every morning.

This isn’t going to become a health blog, nor an exercise blog. But it is my life, so here we go. Trying to get back to my “fighting weight”

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