Wired for Sound: Firefox 2.0 preview


Yeah thats how we roll around here. Ok so the baby aside, or off to the side as he may be. I came here today to give you my fair and obviously unbiased opinion of Firefox two point oh. This very post in fact is being written entirely on the back of this most glorious browser. Shunning the confines of the program i paid good money for to post to my blog. Ecto, not because of any fault of the aforementioned blogging program but rather to see if this new browser spell check is all it is cracked up to be. And i will tell you what. so far so good. The real test for most spell checks on smaller budget programs is to see if they have blog, podcast, or their own name in their dictionary. Word doesn’t recognize blog or podcast as a real word, but it will correct you if you mis-capitalize Microsoft. Which this browser does as well.

Overall this spell check feature alone is worthy of the upgrade in numerical status. The default theme, which I am always to lazy to change is b e a utiful. clean, crisp and with just the right amount of shine. like the hood of a new car this browser glistens. I concur with the rooster from the Rooster’s Rail about the red X though upon the right hand side of every tab. They just seem garish in contrast to the svelte design gracing the rest of the page. Now all in all i don’t want to reinvent the wheel with this post but rather elaborate upon my feelings and impressions upon first opening the newest version. The Rooster has an excellent post covering most of the features and i suggest you check his take on things out.

Now I am by no means an extension whore. I love a good plug in for the browser like the rest of us. I do however find the need for most of the extra plug ins decreasing with each upgrade to their core program. so overall a good job Mozilla.



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  1. Hey dude it looks like you have your hands full! Great to see the podcast has not suffered too much.

    BTW I posted tonight about the fact that I hacked the Firefox Config and got rid of the X in tabs. Easy hack and I now love it – I have zero close tab buttons! Middle mouse click will do for me.

    I hope you are not trashing that poor kids ears so soon… 🙂

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