Xbox 360: Live Arcade: Bomberman Live

Like I’ve said before here at we don’t review old games, we savor them as if they were fine wine, we wait for the heady richness of the nostalgia to wash over us and take us back to the golden age of yesteryear. We do however review new takes on old IP. Bomberman Live lives up to that. The demo alone is worth downloading, even if you never buy. How many times can you say that? Now to the brass tacks.

  1. Updated visuals and innovative Bomberman customization options (read costumes)
  2. If you have a 360 you need the demo, its free and unlimited classic play w/ multiplayer
  3. Awesome new gametypes and replayability
  4. Fully configurable to suite any playing style
  5. The entire family can play and learn this quickly, and enjoy for hours.

800 Points = 10 Dollars, US. Well worth it. Better than a good deal of the 50 – 60 dollar games out there. Completely blew my expectation out of the water. I was expecting a tired rehash of old IP, I was only going to download the demo. I played the demo for 3 weeks and still wanted more. I felt obligated to buy it just to see how deep the rabbit hole went. Excellent purchase on my part. I highly recommend.


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