A Day with My Son

Monday has been a good day so far. No work to speak of, and even slept in. The wife and I enjoy these days, even though there is an overshadowing concern of work needing to be done on the house. Things are left undone. But everything pales in comparison to being able to spend the happy hours with Paul.

092407 12031

He often starts to get cranky when we get home from work, its been a long day for him too he seems to say. He gets up when we do, is shipped off to a sitter, and doesn’t come home until we do. The rub of that whole schedule is that he doesn’t get paid to keep those hours, and its a long day for a baby, its a long day for anyone.

The people who run the daycare are awesome people to say the least, but nothing compares to being able to spend that very same time with him. At this point he’s up, relatively happy, and eating pizza right now. He’s a holy mess and I love it.

Mommy got to take a rest and head out shopping with her birthday money, a much needed rest for her. So we went to the playground and hit up Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee, for me, and apple juice, for him. Then the stroll home passed him out. Good stuff.

092407 13181-2

I just like to note when things go good, so when in two years i read this post again it brings back memories. I know some other people out there get to spend their days with their children, either because they can work from home or their schedule permits. But i hope this rings true with just one person, and prompts them to spend a similar time with their child. Its true that you can’t get this time back. Tomorrow he will be 1 year old, and we are heading to the Zoo as a family.

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