3 years

It is unbelievably hard to believe that it has been three years to the day that I said I do, and she said She would. We had a lengthy engagement, some 18months and it took every moment to do things the way we wanted to. A Spring wedding, a trip to somewhere we had never been. We have not only been married for three years, but in October we will have been together for 9 years.

Three years ago today i was able to do something not many people can say they have been able to. I was able to marry my best friend. Its sounds corny, it sounds cliche but its true. She really is that special of a person.

In our relationship we see each other every day, not just in passing heading out the door and meeting up later. We work at the same institution. There is a funny type of symmetry in that, we met while working at Acme together, and now we end up with the same employer again. Both places we were in different departments, but the same overall place. We drive in together, spending an hour in the car together each way each day. So I can’t say communication has ever been an issue. It gives us time to blow off steam, discuss plans and wrap our head around issues. Even when we were dating we saw each other almost every day. Some people often ask me how I can do this, how can you be with your wife for that much time. Well I love her with every fiber of my body and frankly I couldn’t imagine not being with her. So my question to some of those people would be how could you not want that? I couldn’t imagine us not having that time together each day.

3 years have changed a lot of things, but done nothing more than make us stronger. From St Lucia to San Fransisco and Back. From a cute apartment to a cute house. From a newlywed couple to new parents, and a family. Its been a great ride, and I can’t imagine anything but more of the same awesomeness in the future.

Almost Completely off topic, but looking at this picture it looks like the lamp is part of the family… need to move it for next time. Thats what life is all about, making small adjustments but focusing the camera on the good things.

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  1. Congrats on 3 (9) years.

    I’m workin on 8 years with Steph and we just got engaged (and plan on an 18 month engagement)

    Steph and I also work at the same employer. It is really good to spend the commute time together.

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