Bias: Sports and Politics

I never talk about politics online, especially in blog form… that is about to change very briefly. Consider this an exception, not the rule.

Here is my bias:

I’m an independent. Never have been a democrat, nor a republican. I honestly can’t stand the 2 party system as a means of doing business in this country. I don’t like it when Democrats consider me on their side in issues same with the Republicans. I’m a thinking man and I go my own way. I’m also not going to list for or against and my position on issues. Frankly that’s not the point here, if i was running for office you would have those answers, as clearly as I could give them to you. I’m always up for discussion, provided that you are rational and work from the facts we’ll be fine. I have held a public office of sorts, I was on the Philadelphia Public School Board in 1998, I’ve dealt with the media and I’ve seen both sides of the curtain.

Sports is escapism, people for ages have used sports as a way of getting away from reality. Entertainment is the only reason to pay people what they get paid to play a game.

As you may or may not know Sarah Palin is dropping the puck at the Philadelphia Flyers Home Opener this Saturday October 11th… I love the Flyers, hockey has a very near and dear place in my heart. I hate when politics and sports mix it up. This crosses the line. Before we get on I would have the very same base reaction to any other candidate in a major election have a public appearance like this. I think it has no place.

Ed Snider owner of the Flyers is a republican and a supporter of McCain and Palin, he invited Ms Palin to Philly a couple of weeks ago for a private party, thats perfectly fine, enjoy your stay. She appeared wearing a Phillies jacket, again disingenuous politicians wearing team apparel is high on my list of peeves as well. Support the team you grew up with. I would respect Obama for wearing any Chicago jersey to a Philly Event more so than artificial fan support. He would never do it, but i wouldn’t boo.

By inserting Palin into that event he starts his team off for the year with a Publicity event for a politician currently running for office. This crowd did not assemble to meet her, they are there to watch hockey. In my eyes its a blatant abuse of the trust of fans to insert her into that setting. He is also putting his fan base in a very precarious position, if they react badly enough the whole city gets stigmatized, and we don’t have the best PR to begin with. Its like wearing a where’s waldo shirt to a bullfight, a bit too much red in it for me.

The “Hockey Mom” promotion is a hastily thought up red herring nothing more. Real PR campaigns have weeks to develop. This dropped today expects a fan response by Saturday. Bush League PR at its finest. If the election had already happened I would welcome whatever candidate won to drop a puck any day, regardless of whether or not I wanted them in office. It would have been a Mandate from the Masses. So Sarah if your ticket wins I’d be glad to have you back but I can’t stand the fact that you’re here right now.

Ed Please spare us your politics and I won’t have to come back on here and throw down. I love my team and for One Night i get to be ashamed that you broke that fourth wall.

One response to “Bias: Sports and Politics”

  1. I definitely see your view. If I’m going to watch a game, I want to watch THE GAME. Just like you said, people go to sporting events for a sort of distraction from all the other crap going on in the world. A couple of hours of getting away and being entertained or irritated, depending on how the game is going…but bottom line, away from the barrage of daily life. I wouldn’t care if it was a politician I supported, don’t use the time I took and the money I paid to come to the game and inundate me with a very blatant political agenda. There’s a time and place, and that’s just not either.

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