Putting the dog to Sleep, not what you think

So we have a new dog, at this point she’s been around for a couple months and we’re still getting used to each other I guess.

She’s a Yorkie Poo, a rather frilly name, or a Porkie as the neighbor kids call her. Which happens to sound funnier and means we’re gonna need to feed her a lot more, who wants a skinny Porky? Her name is Suki, which follows the Muller rule that most pets need to be named after food. No we don’t watch True Blood, and her name has nothing to do with that.

She had previously been caged at night and during the day, probably because she is a bundle of energy. Well we have slowly weaned her away from the cage. She tends to sleep downstairs. And when she was caged she barked at any noise that happened outside, since we let her out she has calmed down a lot.

Last night however I spent a good hour trying to get the dog to go to sleep. I usually relax for a bit on the couch to get her to settle down before I go up to bed. Last night was the exception to the norm.

1:00AM : Sat down on couch to check email, read some news and get the dog to relax passive aggressively…

1:20AM : Everyone resting close laptop head towards stairs. Dog jumps up runs across couch, as if she had been waiting and brings a toy. Growling and play barking ensues. Shush dog and sit down on chair try to get her to come over without playing.

1:40AM : Dog finally sits down and i pet her till she’s nice and calm. Cat (Chili) walks over arm of couch pushing my hand wanting me to pet her, purring loudly…

1:41AM : Dog chases cat

1:42AM : Cat smacks the crap out of dog

2:00AM : Head upstairs since everyone seems calm. Dog waits until i lay down to run into Paul Jr’s bedroom and jump on his bed, licking his face.

2:01AM : Boy calls for me, grab dog. drag out of room. Give boy his water and silently curse dog out.

2:05AM : Dog goes downstairs, I wait in the doorway to see what she’ll do. She waits 2 minutes then runs back up the stairs after the cat into Paul’s room. He wakes back up

2:06AM : Drag dog out of Paul’s room, calm him down. After i get downstairs I curse the dog out to her face

2:08AM : wait upstairs in doorway to see what happens. Dog again runs upstairs i catch her before she runs into Paul’s room

2:15AM : Dog goes downstairs to chase cats around hardwood floors, slams into wall. I hear the boy call me and ask if the dog is going to come back up and scare him. Assure him that won’t be the case.

2:20AM : Refill dogs food bowl which she tipped during one of the cat fights, take her out again, where she runs around the yard barking like she never saw sky before. Finally get her to relax after she comes back in.

2:30AM : Lay back down only to have the cats start to fight, settle their dispute and wake my wife while scratching on the clothes hamper…

Mental note…  need to take the dog on a nice long walk tonight to tire her out, and possibly drug the cats

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