Why am I holding spiderman’s head


My son is a rambunctious little tyke. He desperately wanted to get a balloon animal spiderman. We warned him ablout the fragile nature olof balloon animals. The transient joy of a large balloon creation, weighed against the sadness when it eventually pops. I did however think it would last longer than 20 minutes.

We visited a wonderfjul german festival, potato pancakes, beer and rides. Soo much good fun.

So I’m in line for a second body to transplant spiderman’s head back onto… the eldery balloon sculptor is doing his best, but of coarse there is a line… of course I need to explain why I am holding the disembodied head of a superhero in my hand. And my wife is circling the block. Its

been 20 minutes, I have had time to write and edit (to a degree) this post.


But it will make my little man smile… and hopefully he will remember getting a second spiderman because when he fell and bounced his face on the aspalt. He is ok, but defeated. All he was crying over was the transient joy that popped and whose disembodied head I had to run to catch.

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