How to grow a geek

I am a parent…

OK now that I’m done scaring you i have a question. If you are a geek / nerd and you would like to advance your plan for eventual world domination by growing the next generation of geeks / nerds. How do you do it? You can’t force awesome content down their throat, it tends to make them rebel and watch dancing with the stars or something. No Ice dancing for my kids… no matter what the wife says. I feel the only sane thing to do is to give them a steady diet of good old fashioned geeky entertainment.

Age appropriate content is actually hard to find. When is too young for Star wars, some would say never, but you haven’t had to explain why a good guy is getting his hand cut off to a 4 yr old. And its also never a good thing when your kid picks up the fact that the protagonist is whining… We’re looking at you Luke.

So I spent yesterday with both kids all alone and tried to make sense of this dilemma. Until Batman the movie came on. The 1966 exploding shark camp classic. That was pure win wrapped in a box.

This is how you introduce your kids to good geek culture. He already went as batman for Halloween, what a more perfect tie in to goo content.

Now after having allowed him to watch some thundercats, old school transformers and Batman the animated series i think we are well on our way.

Next up is the Rankin and Bass version Hobbit. So how would you grow your geek? All of this because someone posted this awesome picture on tumblr. Hope you did you civic duty and Voted against the joker today

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  1. My 6 year old plays Halo (1, 2, 3, ODST, with Reach coming to him in late December) on the XBOX 360 console as sibgle player, multi-player, and on XBOX Live. He has made his 24 year uncle admit getting his butt kicked on Facebook. he has defeated 45 year old losers that live in their parent’s basements online. He made his 26 year old uncle take off the kid gloves and go all out against him in Call of Duty because he was fearing looking like the other uncle. He may not grow up to be a geek, but he will not be a nerd.

    Here is to 6 year olds kicking butt on video games. Now go outside and find a snake!

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