Small Goals

2013-03-06_16-39-19_187 I Started the year off flipping my usual script. Instead of making vague promises i made declarative statements. Instead of saying I was going to lose weight I focused on doing it the right way. My three words for 2014 are Action, Create and Finish. I started with my food, and signed up for weight watchers online.

During the course of any project there is that one second right before you get to getting that I find myself holding back. This doesn’t happen in work, its only during things i have a personal attachment to. I needed to push past that hesitation, and the results have been amazing.

Just past the halfway part of the year this is what was. 1380394_10101884069456583_78265536_n

I’m still 6’2″ ish, however Previously I weighed in at 265 pounds, a 40 – 42 inch waist and i felt sluggish all the time. My normal push was towards working out hard and then getting my diet under control was a non started i got hungry too quickly. So I focused on my food alone for 2 solid months and got good habits in place before I continued on. Then i hit the gym, easily. Low impact but concentrated effort. I increased steady weight training, and solid cardio with as few gimmicks and fads as possible.

This is what is!

Still the same height, however I’m 232 pounds, 36 inch waist… I haven’t worn 36 inch pants in over 10 years, actually since i was 19. And i’m still going. I want to get down to 200 roughly for my frame and my height. The chart says I should be 185, not sure if that would work for everything else but my next major goal is 220. For some reason I stored away fun t shirts and pants that i thought would never fit me again. Each month I tried on some of the old clothes and more and more of them have been fitting. Each time I get back into a new / old shirt i have a minor jump of joy. Its going to be a good summer.


Might not be an adonis yet… but I’m not a beach ball any longer either. Focus on getting healthy! I hadn’t worn this shirt without issue since 2004… I love this shirt.


2 responses to “Small Goals”

  1. That’s such a good story. No hype, just how it is… And the way it is, most of the time, is gently, gently, until you achieve what you want.
    I’ve been on a similar path. I’m considerably older than you (54) and shorter (175cm) but the weight was starting to creep on. For the last six months I’ve been riding to work (120ish km/week) and doing a few gym sessions per week and for an old fella I’m doing well. There’s no rush. I had a three month, then six month goal and now I’m working towards my 12 month goal to be ready for summer and the beach in December.
    I look in the mirror and constantly think “now that’s very okay for 54!” and that old hawaiian shirt from my teen-age years fits again.
    I so know how you feel Paul. Well done to both of us 🙂

  2. Wonderful that the commitment to good health is bringing great results. What a great lesson for your kids to learn about taking care of themselves.

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