2014 Year in Review

Green-Recycle-Logo-Wallpaper-HDEveryone has their own form of year in review, whether spurned onwards by some sappy TV rewind, a fun Youtube mashup of memes we spent time on this year or a million other little things. It is normal to take stock and move forward.

IMAG0688Resolutions be damned, I again did the three word exercise but that would be getting ahead of myself. Last year I had Action Create and Finish. Summed up did I make the effort to keep moving, and work for what I wanted, did I work on creating and starting new things, and finally did I bring things on home? Did I complete the tasks that I started. No pass or fail grades here its a personal rundown of things I did well and things that still need work. Like balancing a spinning plate on a pole there are always adjustments to be made.

Overall this year was a success, I worked on keeping things fun with the family, the kids grew and became more awesome. But personally I actually did what i set out to do. My overarching goal for the year was getting healthier.

Over the course of the last year I lost and maintained almost 40 pounds off my original weight of 265 lbs. I’m hovering around 225 right now, and still shooting to go lower, healthy would be 180 – 200. I got off my ass and went to the gym, followed a workout program and was stronger and more fit that I have been in almost 15 years.

I made beautiful things and shared them. Some of them got traction others did not. And the best feeling of all I actually got paid to make beautiful things for friends both new and old. That is where I want to be in life.

I became a Cub Master with my son’s Cub Scout pack, still working my way through what that means, and how to make that work for the boys involved I want to make sure that the boys get what they need from scouting and leave all of the politics aside. Scouting should be fun!

Overall the family is happy and healthy and that is what matters! Lets do this thing 2015!

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