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Hello I’m Paul Rj Muller, Technologist, IT Worker, Geek, Husband and Father. The whole geek and the background of the geek.

I’m all self taught when it comes to computers. I have a degree in Anthropology but picked up my current skill set through books, trial and error and just plain playing around with things. I have extensive experiance managing servers (Windows, Unix, Linux), running a dual OS (Mac and Windows) lab environment, programming and web design.

I’m an admitted caffeine junkie with a penchant for sharing my thoughts. I am a consummate procrastinator who is never happy with his own work. I never set out to offend, although I have been know to do so as a side effect. Most posts are informative in nature but some are completely tongue in cheek. Take everything with a grain of salt and a dash of thyme. Never spelled correctly right off the bat, but usually corrected out of outright embarrassment.

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