Trains planes and Automobiles.

Well i spent most of yesterday siiting either waiting to take my car into the shop or waiting for it to get done. Turns out it was a rather simple sensor… i wasted a day for a sensor which mysteriously came loose… sigh

Anyway on to today. I’ve spent most of today handholding people who should no better in work now i don’t want to get on a rant here but listen if there is a sign saying a piece of hardware in not functioning, and there was, do NOT A.) beat on it, that makes it angry, B.) ad subtext under the sign stating your disgust at the lack of availability of said hardware, C.) continue to attempt to use this piece of machinery… making the problem worse. They plugged it back in, hooked it back up to the network and turned it the hell back on… then wonder why we don’t have nice things… I spend 60 % of my time here fixing old crap which incompetant people have broken… sigh. daily rant over


You know I consider myself a generally hip fellow I’m up with all the new kids lingo, even if some of them have never heard of some of my slang. I called someone a “smacked ass” the other day and I got nothing but blank stares from the room. I know I’m older then most of the students I manage but I’m only 24 this is scary…

that’s not what I came to tell you about however I came to talk about Wired’s latest magazine. Not only do I really enjoy the content of their magazine but even the adds are stylish. I’ve been reading wired for probably about 5 or 6 years and have subscribed for about 3 on the current ticket but today I received my copy with a AUDIO CD I was freakin beside myself this is awesome has some cool tracks and some eh ones but generally lik this, hey Wired feel free to beef up the content like this more frequently… The CD fit into the cover story on copy right protection and some artists more open source approach to that… As I sit using an open source browser to comment. On it. Good stuff

Time to grieve

As an employee at a large university sometimes I am struck by how awkward it must be to run a company of this size and diversity with such a nebulous goal… educating students. At least if you were going for profit you can quantitatively show where you stand, there is no checkbook to balence you routinely loose money.

odd place. well anyway this brings me to my next point, it struck me as I was in a seminar yesterday concerning how babysat to deal with people, that there existed departments in any entity whose existence is based on bureaucracy. For instace the people teaching the seminars have jobs because every year we are required to attend so many of them… I wonder how much better in the budget department they would be if they removed a good deal of the services who exist because of policies such as that… That’s probably a lot of money to be saved. Interesting thought.


Let me tell you it is such a nice feeling to actually be rooting for a winner this year. Not that they have been bad the last couple of years or anything but this year they have been downright Dominant. Not always at their best but deffinatly the class on the field its going to be a great ride this year

Tainted Woods

Tainted Woods Spending a little time trying to bang out a small novel, piece of prose or whatever you would call it. Much easier to have direction in a piece of that sort than this strange alamalgm of topics. ive already changed the focus nine or ten times i think i might just let it sit were it is. I’m also designing the layout for tainted woods. I thought about joining the novel contest linked off of blogger but decided against it, i’ll just do it for me. and anyone who happens upon it. the good thing is that i can write bits and pieces as the mood strikes me so we’ll see how that goes.

Affiliates homepage – Spread Firefox

Affiliates homepage – Spread Firefox

Again with the Fox… Firefox is spreading quickly they have an ever growing community of developers who are currently working tirelessly to make sure that your browsing experiance is what it should be. a clean quick and consice trip through the net with little or no unwanted ineruption. Pop ups and spyware ruin even the most mundane searchs. Firefox is the new way to go for a clean internet


Waking up before the alarm always produces a strange satisfaction as if yo won some contest that only you knew about. Ha i beat you this time, until we meet again…
perhaps i’m just a little tired yet, get back to me in about an hour. BTW i started a new blog i’m going to try and blog myself a novel, or cobble ,myself a shoe whichever comes out of the process easier.

Internet Event

So i was attempting yet another site redesign yesterday and went to adire my work or lack thereof and was greeted with an older versionof my page. Working in a technical feild i tried to see if we had recieved any bullitens regarding internet connectivity… again nothing. the only place i found any explaination for the sluggish load times of certain sites and the problems with blogger were my web hosting company’s how — to faq, the information later showed up in blogger support and all but it was still quite disconcerting thhat so many machines could apparently be having issues and people are so complacent about it. hm

Lost in the Ether of Ethernet

Seriously i’m starting to think there is some type of grand command against me getting things done. I miss self imposed deadlines with frightening regularity… not the real deadlines just the self imposed ones.

This weekend was a wash for the Hayride but the Bar scene was deffinatly a good thing. Major stress relief. Got my engagment photo’s taken on sunday gorgeous day for it to and the Eagles kicked some ass afterwards realitavly good day in all but not much work accomplished hopefully tonite will be better
Check this site out for a better than you’d think free online RPG, its a good thing my phone or pda don’t have wireless internet i’d be hitting this site up way to much for my own good.

FireFox– Browser to the stars… or maybe just yahoo

Spread Firefox – Igniting the web
If you haven’t given it a try check out FireFox, the newest browser to come out of the mozilla open source Initiative. Being in charge of a computer lab for very technologically inclined people, some more so than others. I have gotten nothing but rave reviews about the inclusion of firefox as the default browser for both the PC’s and the Macs in our labs please do yourself a favor and check this out. It makes surfing fun again. Ride the wave catch the fox!
Get Firefox!