Dark Dank and Dreary

Yet another day passes in the seemingly endless void which is my office. The newest climate control debacle is that some genius of a student left the windows open on our floor all weekend. this caused the rain to flood in in various parts which in turn caused the humidity to cover everything. there is a pool of water drifting the the hallway. then only good thing about this whole situation is that the wheels on the chairs are now somewhat cleaner than they where on Friday.

one minor note concerning the student population in this particular department. They are labeled artists and the faculty are attempting to cultivate them as such. Thusly they are given freedom from the constraints of normal behavior and rules that other students have to deal with throughout their college careers. i would never, for instance have dreamed of living in a classroom during the intercession period to do side-jobs. i would never have attempted to leave refrigerators, TVs, tools, bikes etc. to the
mercy of my fellow students and the maintenance staff. They should be made to clean all of their crap out each year so we can sandblast the environment. how are things supposed to improve if the only thing which changes from year to year is the accumulation of shit? I’m done here… drops Mic…

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