Lack of a Better Word

For the most part people tend to use slurs, curses, inappropriate words and the like to express their displeasure with things. There exists a bevy of words, phrases and saying which can display any level of emotion but some words have come to be considered profane. Even to the point of deeming them unfit for so called polite conversation. I often wonder exactly how does one word become so universal yet so loathed. Is it due to the replacement factor? In that people substitute this words for words which more adequately fit their purpose, or is it something deeper. I myself have a problem at times with profane language, in fact there are time during which i feel dumber for having used it. but for trying to go the other way and speak somewhat more properly then you are considered effete, or an elitist. That you supposedly look down on people who use smaller words. I find that i do in fact have quite a serviceable vocabulary and at times a vast one. There are also days in which i cannot seem to string two words together. Not one of those days today…

Just some nonsense. “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men…” ~Wonkism

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