Concerning Progress

in any endeavor I would like my ultimate goal to be progress. Even the slightest glacial progress would do. Some positive motion forward on any plane, if you catch my drift. So in some respects any motion is good it does not always mean that a lot of motion is better. Take a project i have been working on at home for about 2 years now, upgrading my personal machine. It has taken many leaps and bounds in the mental capacity, i.e. what it would do what form it would take etc. But it has not as of yet turned towards a measurable tactile motion forward. What a pity.

Now considering the podcast, that is positive motion forward, I’m actually increasing listenership, getting more feedback and moving beyond what i thought i would ever do. This and blogging are also only two of my many, many hobbies which has taken any form. The funny thing about pod-casting and blogging is that your thoughts throughout the day turn towards the “I’m blogging this” mentality. Or i can’t wait to bust tat out on a podcast mindset. I’d like to take that endeavor one step forward and look towards my research in the field of digital culture. What research you say? Well hopefully you will see soon enough i will be explaining some of my theories and working on my research both in a blog on this site as well as on a related podcast. Homo Digitalis, the Digital Human, the Avatar Cyberous. The Digital Self.

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