Yahoo Time Capsule

Much has been said of the yahoo time capsule project, and the stupidity of it. Why waste this much energy to beam a message into space, when everyone know that considering the rotation of the earth the message will only be visable for a fraction of a microsecond even at the closest star?

Long winded i know but consider this. Don’t consider the reality of the matter consider the enormity of the task, people are being asked to describe themselves, their world and their feelings. What would you submit to eternity? I submitted two things so far. A picture of my new family in the hospital, mom dad and new baby. And a short sappy paragraph on the same subject. I then spent a couple of minutes perusing the articles, pictures and notes that people had left. Much like sifting through the memorials left when someone passes. serious times, reflective pieces. All in all the world could probably use a bit more reflection and a bit less sarcasm, strife and anger. This coming from a well documented curmudgeon. Take a look.

BTW Costume Number 1… Pumpkin

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