A Father

Much has been made over the past two weeks over the disappearance and untimely passing of James Kim. Every time I went to post something i thought better of it. Whatever pittance I may have put for would have been eclipsed by those of great linguistic aptitude. But after learning yesterday that James’ body had been found that that the end of this tale was a bittersweet sadness I was left with an overwhelming compulsion to post a response to the tragedy more as a personal panacea than anything else.
I didn’t know James, only his work, like the countless other editors at Cnet whose words fill my screen from time to time. I am simply writing this to honor the ultimate sacrifice a man could possibly make for his family. A truly noble and completely unselfish devotion. As a new father I am constantly confronted with things that never hit me like this before. This story would have, before, been a tragic story I heard. I might have expressed a sense of sorrow for the families loss but not much else.

Now seeing things through different eyes I am both deeply saddened by this event and touched by the sacrifice that he made for his family. It does not matter that his efforts did not produce a rescue, but rather it matters that he was the type of man that would do something like this to attempt to save his family. I could only hope that god forbid anything like this would ever happen to my family that I would find the strength to be that man who would risk his life to save that of his family. Deepest sympathies to the family during their rough road forward.

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