Day 2 of the opression

Ok putting aside all of the comments from yesterday I have a couple more nuggets of wisdom to throw at people on this the second day in excess of 100 degrees F. First off I’m tired of the official temperature being at the airfield, there is a breeze there, they said 98 degrees yesterday, while the temperature outside my building was 104, according to both my car’s temperature meter and the thermometer in the Building.
So now they are telling me that the temperature is going to officially go up to 100 today, I am screwed. Also one other minor note, even though i mentioned it yesterday this heat index business is getting on my nerves. Like wind chill this approximation of temperature adjustment needs to go. Its hot and humid, that does not mean that the numerical temperature changes at all, pyrometer reading 100 F, guess what its 100 F, feels like 100F with high humidity. Nothing more nothing less. Its not that i don’t appreciate the validity of the index, nor the wind chill but that the number always being higher or lower than the ambient temperature makes for great fodder for the media. Apparently no one dies, goes missing or is raped when we have a heat wave unless it is as a result of said heat wave. Hundreds of stories go unreported so that we can see the weather tart tramp back and forth every 5 seconds telling you to check grandma and the dog… I’m done.
Why does my generation get its news from the web? Choice. I want weather i check the weather I want sports, I check sports, I want news, I read news. Its that simple. TV offers a static transmission of sensationalist stories. Why do people in the suburbs of this fair city think its full of crime, murder, rape, death and mayhem. Because violence sells and a quilting bee doesn’t. Should i be mad at the stations or mad at the human condition which causes them to skew the news in a brimstonian direction. I’m not yet sure. But I’ll see everyone later on I’m going to go read without being interrupted every paragraph by how hot it is and what norma jean in podunk-ville New Jersey is doing to beat the heat. Oh and one more thing. Stop interviewing people asking them what they think of the heat, its hot, move on. Do i need to hear three more people say “its hot outside, stay in” no i just heard the weather tart spew the same drivel not three seconds before… Been a while since i had a good rant going… I’m done.

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