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  • Unscramble an Egg

    It’s a common saying that you can’t unscramble, although it is technically not so true anymore, The saying still metaphorically has a decent amount of weight. It is also where I find myself all too often, scrambled. I spent the first three decades of my life learning to live with the scrambled way my brain […]

  • Shiny Objects

    Ever have trouble focusing on tasks. One right after another. I have a million ideas but i only seem to be able to come back to ideas that I’ve written down. So carrying a to do list booklet with me has helped… But if we are being honest a habit is very hard to break […]

  • Distracted thinking

    Not sure when this happened but there is an equation. When I’m doing A, I have to do B in order to stay on task. Not sure what I mean? Well here are two examples. When i’m working on a  really complex programming or higher level problem i need to keep my hands busy to […]

  • Tiny shifts

    View this post on Instagram A post shared by Paul Rj Muller (@thecaffination) It is amazing how one big shift in your life ripples into areas you wouldn’t think. I just switched careers. From a tech support role to a design / development role. Honestly something I have been attempting to make happen for a […]

  • 2014 Year in Review

    Everyone has their own form of year in review, whether spurned onwards by some sappy TV rewind, a fun Youtube mashup of memes we spent time on this year or a million other little things. It is normal to take stock and move forward. Resolutions be damned, I again did the three word exercise but […]

  • Candles and Their ends

    My mom used the tell me that I was burning the candle at both ends. Saying that by staying up late and working on too many things I was loosing focus and making the effort in each area less effective. At least that’s what I realize she was saying years after the fact. It’s also a proven […]

  • Tempest Fugit, Memento Mori

    I love, and hate schedules. On the one hand setting aside time in the morning during / after coffee to write. Not write well, but just to get ideas on paper and thoughts out the door has been helping. But at the same time. Looking into the vanishing point of the future seeing things ordered […]

  • Small Goals

    I Started the year off flipping my usual script. Instead of making vague promises i made declarative statements. Instead of saying I was going to lose weight I focused on doing it the right way. My three words for 2014 are Action, Create and Finish. I started with my food, and signed up for weight […]

  • My Three Words: 2014

    After reading CC Chapman’s Amazing Things Will Happen I tried to do and follow the Three words last year. Rather than normal resolutions you list everything you want to do for the year, and try to distill them into three basic concepts that you can use to drive yourself for the year. Last year was […]

  • Why is everything gone?

    Not that people check here very often, but i decided to clean house and pull the directory containing the travelersmug from my server. Yeah I thought i had moved the site to a different server. And in my rush to fix things on another site i decided to clear a little room. Nice and easy […]

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