Author: pzul

  • Looking Upwards

    It really is all about focus. When you go about your day how do you see the world? Are you looking at the other cars on the road, are you checking out the other houses? I’ve been trying to recenter myself a bit and have been lifting my gaze skyward. Have you ever taken a […]

  • one of those things

    Have you ever stared at a menu for so long you just don’t know if you are hungry, or the choices aren’t that good? I’ve been dealing with a lot of friends looking for work. And roughly 50 – 75percent of the people i know who have a job are not educated in that field. […]

  • Starting

    Starting new things is daunting. Looking at a blank canvas, an empty screen, or a clean notebook is frightening. I hate the thought that my first words, doodles or lines might be failures. At times its a paralyzing fear. I fear looking silly, but not being silly. I know I’m good at that. Why not […]

  • Don’t Hate Mondays!

    I’m tired of people spouting off about Monday. No more, I hate Monday’s. Or if someone has a touch of the late 90’s ironic. “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays…” But lets think about this does it make any sense to “Hate” Mondays? I Say no. And I can hopefully show you […]

  • A twinkie problem

    The nation is full of fat people, and yet we are worried about companies that produce unhealthy food, with no real redeeming benefits. Look I would hate to see good honest people loosing their jobs. I don’t think anyone would get up on a soapbox and push that notion forward. It is a private business […]

  • Voting Mess

    I don’t care who you vote for. We’re supposed to be a civilized country. And we happen to be in the business of spreading democracy around the world, whether other people want it or not. Be careful we might get some of our democracy on you. Why the hell can’t we have a unified voting […]

  • Politics as usual

    Coffee Break thought of the day: Seriously can’t wait for the election to be over. The culture of extremist commentary and reactions is beyond annoying. I don’t care what party you are. I know if you lead a discussion with calling the other side a name you’re beyond a rational discussion, and beyond the scope […]

  • shave the face

    I have had a beard / goatee or some other form of facial adornment since I was 16, I’m 32 now. So for half of my life roughly I’ve been covering my real face with a nicely shaped hedge, a topical topiary of sorts. I shaved the beard completely off yesterday, I don’t know why. […]

  • walking the dog

    getting yourself up in the morning putting on your shoes I just walking out the door to walk a dog without any kind of preparation tends to lead to some interesting conversations with your self. for instance why have a dream about people you barely know, haven’t seen in years. and in the dream which […]

  • Consider then

    If you think I’m weird, you should consider what I haven’t shared. If you think I’m offensive consider the things I haven’t said. If you think i’m wrong, consider at least I cared. If you think I’m Stupid, consider this subject dead. Yet… If you think I’m interesting consider what I’ve yet to do. If […]