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  • Defining terms

    Check this out. A defining week in my life of sorts. I seem to love the underdogs a bit too muh anymore. So far over the past 7 – 10 days i have backed or cheered for all of the following a.) Failed bid on the presidency, b.)Leyland for manager of the Phillies, they went […]

  • I simply have to tell you

    OK. tonite we visited the lovely pub named the standard tap in northern liberties right here in the lovely town of philadelphia let me tell you twhen a beer has the word wallop in the name of it it isn’t kidding right now i am speaking to you after 4 lovely beverages and am feeling […]

  • BuzzKill

    Talk about a letdown. After supporting one canidate for the entire election i’m pretty sure that half of the country is feeling the burn right now. Its not jsut that exstreme conservitaves get under my skin with the holier than thou approach to life and governing its the smug expressions on their faces whenever they […]

  • And Their OFF

    Yahoo! News – Presidential Election Handed Off to Voters … VOTE …. VOTE Just a little reminder that everyone regardless of their views should vote today, unless you voted early that is 🙂 Well i cast my lot into the wind this morning at 7:15 and for the first time in my younge memory there […]

  • Meet the new leaf same as the old leaf

    Ok so we’re here at Paul Inc. are trying to turn over a new leaf. Working out, Eating better, still not good but better non the less. I’m also working at seriously being more productave at work and gertting out of the office more often so that i don’t get bogged down by the end […]

  • Now i lay me down to sleep

    Let me tell you after a long week its nice to sit back with a generic alcoholic beverage and relax while playing a video game. The booze usually cancles out my otherwise l33t sk1llz but what can you do. B33r however does not have such an affect I love playing games while on a beer […]

  • Trains planes and Automobiles.

    Well i spent most of yesterday siiting either waiting to take my car into the shop or waiting for it to get done. Turns out it was a rather simple sensor… i wasted a day for a sensor which mysteriously came loose… sigh Anyway on to today. I’ve spent most of today handholding people who […]

  • Wired

    You know I consider myself a generally hip fellow I’m up with all the new kids lingo, even if some of them have never heard of some of my slang. I called someone a “smacked ass” the other day and I got nothing but blank stares from the room. I know I’m older then most […]

  • Time to grieve

    As an employee at a large university sometimes I am struck by how awkward it must be to run a company of this size and diversity with such a nebulous goal… educating students. At least if you were going for profit you can quantitatively show where you stand, there is no checkbook to balence you […]

  • E-A-G-L-E-S

    Let me tell you it is such a nice feeling to actually be rooting for a winner this year. Not that they have been bad the last couple of years or anything but this year they have been downright Dominant. Not always at their best but deffinatly the class on the field its going to […]