Looking Upwards

1-IMG_20130702_141316_451It really is all about focus. When you go about your day how do you see the world? Are you looking at the other cars on the road, are you checking out the other houses? I’ve been trying to recenter myself a bit and have been lifting my gaze skyward. Have you ever taken a second to make the dome of the sky the focal point for your vision, and realize that these massive fluffy white clouds are rolling past your house right now, and are rolling into another state, another city or another country before long? You are pretty tiny and there are bigger problems in the world. Lots of people are all looking at the same clouds. Every now and then we all get a bit down, and a little self centered. Take a step back raise your gaze and just consider the enormity of the sky. It sounds trite, it sounds a bit silly. But it works. Calms you down and lets you deal with the two screaming kids fighting over who took the last grape in the kitchen.

one of those things

Well_that_escalated_quicklyHave you ever stared at a menu for so long you just don’t know if you are hungry, or the choices aren’t that good? I’ve been dealing with a lot of friends looking for work. And roughly 50 – 75percent of the people i know who have a job are not educated in that field. Myself included. So when the time comes to change horses they don’t know how to do it. How do you stare at a job board and not get swallowed by the wave of overwhelming choices, none of which you know if you are qualified for?

It might be easier to hand your resume to someone and have them say… SO… A.) is this any good B.) Given this document; What do you think i can do. I guess that is where recruiters come in, doing a lot of the heavy work for you.. But either way the job boards seem to be lined with entry level jobs for sales, and 50 + listings there, and not much else. not sure if its just a sign of the times or if its people looking in the wrong place.

I wish all the best for those who are currently looking. I still don’t know what i want to do when i grow up 😉


Starting new things is daunting. Looking at a blank canvas, an empty screen, or a clean notebook is frightening. I hate the thought that my first words, doodles or lines might be failures. At times its a paralyzing fear. I fear looking silly, but not being silly. I know I’m good at that. Why not wait just another day to start the illustration? Why not have another cup of coffee before working on the next chapter. Sure no big problem.

The problem happens when the putting off becomes so much easier that you don’t even feel the twinge of guilt. Hey there is TV to watch, games to play, sleep to have. I vacillate between not sleeping because I’m working on something and not sleeping because I’m thinking about something. Which gets back to starting.
It gets easier to start the more you do it. Same as it gets easier to do many things once you get on with it. The more you work at it the easier it becomes. Why post this story? Someone might see it down the road and find me less than suitable for hire. Because hey this guy has trouble starting.

Except you’re reading something I started, a conversation. Most times I close my eyes and push forward, putting anything down until I’m left with a dirty page, and then I have to clean it up with proper prose. I still feel the need to mention the trouble, because it might strike a cord with someone somewhere else. If you have trouble starting, try nonsense. A little nonsense now and then always sets me right. Start with nonsense, then organize.


How do you get started?

Don’t Hate Mondays!


I’m tired of people spouting off about Monday. No more, I hate Monday’s. Or if someone has a touch of the late 90’s ironic. “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays…” But lets think about this does it make any sense to “Hate” Mondays? I Say no. And I can hopefully show you why its a bit ridiculous to waste that time… With MATH

You spend on average 8 hours a day sleeping. Which equates to roughly 33% of your life
So 66% of your life is spent awake.
Now 1/7 of that time or 14.2% is spent taking place on a Monday.
14.2 percent taken from the 66% awake time is left with 56% of your waking non Monday life left to live.

We aren’t even going to touch other days people don’t look forward to here. You are now left with half of your life, roughly, that you are writing off by default. Wouldn’t it make sense to give Monday a chance and push the percentage just a bit higher? I mean come on Monday is why they invented coffee.

This whole equation also shows why I don’t sleep 8 hours. I prefer 4 or 5. So that means I only sleep 20% of my life. Cuts down on the non useful time quite a bit.

So on average I work / enjoy and LIVE 13 % MORE than all you sleepy heads!

A twinkie problem

The nation is full of fat people, and yet we are worried about companies that produce unhealthy food, with no real redeeming benefits. Look I would hate to see good honest people loosing their jobs. I don’t think anyone would get up on a soapbox and push that notion forward. It is a private business and I do feel bad about a piece of history, albeit a less than tasty piece, fall out of favor. Tastykakes, are always better. Made with real food too

There are stories circulating about management vs the workers and trying to demonize both sides. But the real problem is we have a twinkie problem, and a burger king problem, and a pizza hut problem. A Twinkie going the way of the dodo isn’t too bad a thing when you think about it. It’s like a Mcdonalds going out of business, better for the waistline, not so good for the people who work there. We need viable healthy snack and food companies. Stupid economy.

Voting Mess

I don’t care who you vote for.

We’re supposed to be a civilized country. And we happen to be in the business of spreading democracy around the world, whether other people want it or not. Be careful we might get some of our democracy on you. Why the hell can’t we have a unified voting system, that makes this mess simple, and easy. both to cast and to recount if needed. We need transparency and accountability.

Just sitting in the office listening to stories around the country of people on both sides of the aisle complaining about intimidation, unfair practices, machines picking the wrong people. Come on. ONE system. This is 2012, i can ship and track a package from almost anywhere in the world. I can talk to 10 people at once via video in 10 different locations… FOR FREE. and we can’t get voting done right?



Politics as usual

Coffee Break thought of the day:

Seriously can’t wait for the election to be over. The culture of extremist commentary and reactions is beyond annoying. I don’t care what party you are. I know if you lead a discussion with calling the other side a name you’re beyond a rational discussion, and beyond the scope of my interest.

If you have pet names for the other party, candidate or policy I don’t want to hear from you. If you get all your news from one source, and consider it infallible, you have a problem. You need to shop around, outside of the sphere of influence you agree with. using the tenants of Post modernist anthropology we must all agree that everyone has a bias, and only meaningful discussion can come after people admit their bias and speak with care. Read the other people’s stuff. If they make cogent arguments, and you are unable to even consider the possibility that they may have a point, on anything. you are doing politics wrong. Good day sir.

shave the face

I have had a beard / goatee or some other form of facial adornment since I was 16, I’m 32 now. So for half of my life roughly I’ve been covering my real face with a nicely shaped hedge, a topical topiary of sorts. I shaved the beard completely off yesterday, I don’t know why. Maybe its a subconscious need for a fresh start, maybe its a narcissistic need to have other comment on a physical change. Maybe it was because my face was too warm in the summer time.

But like I said I’ve spent half of my life hiding behind a false face, should i be offended if people prefer the hairy face over the naked face? I”m not, in fact i’m pretty sure i dig the bearded me more than not, its just fun to do something for the hell of it sometimes.

I still think i look like two different people, I don’t think i’m acting like it though. But if you asked me which person i identified with being i’d point to the bearded one every time.

walking the dog


getting yourself up in the morning putting on your shoes I just walking out the door to walk a dog without any kind of preparation tends to lead to some interesting conversations with your self. for instance why have a dream about people you barely know, haven’t seen in years. and in the dream which seems real, horrible things are happening these people so real and so horrible when you have to wake up you for spending time checking to see if it is real. the events seem horrible but they seem plausible it seems oddly familiar. Like I vaguely remember hearing them but they are completely and utterly false. where do these stories come from why pick these characters? because they truly are characters they’re not the real people not even gross approximations of the people they bear the name of. anyway this is the stuff I think about, when I walk the dog before I have my coffee

Consider then

If you think I’m weird, you should consider what I haven’t shared.
If you think I’m offensive consider the things I haven’t said.
If you think i’m wrong, consider at least I cared.
If you think I’m Stupid, consider this subject dead.

If you think I’m interesting consider what I’ve yet to do.
If you think I’m talented, consider what I have yet to make,
If you think I’m tired, consider what I’ve been through,
And if you think I’m real, consider what would be fake.

I choose not to think of myself as any of those things, good or bad. I’m just me. Spending too much time considering, or worrying about what you think, or how I seem doesn’t get me anywhere. but from time to time things pop up and exceptions need to be made. So Consider all things, and throw out what doesn’t help.

We aren’t one person, we are a house of mirrors seen from all sides. Each person sees a little of themselves in you, each person looks at you through their own experiences, by the light of their life. So no matter what you think you are, they will see you differently. try to be the best you you can be. And leave it at that.