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  • Winning

    This is a personal article. I want to be fair to anyone who might read this, most of you are losers. I don’t mean that in the nasty sense, but rather in the context of this game. You are all competing for second place, you see I won already, 11 years ago. 11 years ago […]

  • Family

    I always knew while growing up that I wanted to have a family, just needed to find a lady crazy enough to stick with me. I found such a lady almost 12 years ago, and we married 6 years ago this May. writing those numbers almost seems surreal. Its been a long time of a […]

  • Fan Generation

    There is something special about baseball. Walking around the park with my daughter in my arms or my son on my shoulders we’re building memories. Are they going to remember the horrible 9-0 showing? Not hardly. Will they remember the green grass and crowd roar? Hopefully. Passing fandom on the the next generation is a […]

  • If a Rose Is nothing but a rose, then is a lego rose just as…

    If a Rose Is nothing but a rose, then is a lego rose just as awesome as regular lego? legos: Lego Rose.

  • Tired? Not Me

    How do you judge your body’s ability to stay awake? I usually sit at a rather highly caffeinated level, but I can still function before and perish the thought, without coffee. Coffee is merely a little extra hitch in my giddy-up, a little jet dry in the dishwasher of my day. I find it fascinating how […]

  • How to grow a geek

    I am a parent… OK now that I’m done scaring you i have a question. If you are a geek / nerd and you would like to advance your plan for eventual world domination by growing the next generation of geeks / nerds. How do you do it? You can’t force awesome content down their […]

  • Paddle

    Everything happens fast anymore, between twitter, facebook, cell phones, On Demand cable. Why would a technologist need to slow down? Shouldn’t I be speeding up, adding ram or another screen right now? No… You shouldn’t. A sniper can only be at peak awareness for but so long, some military guides have it down to 30 […]

  • Reborn spidey

    Anything for a smile… We can rebuild him… See the last post for the full explanation

  • Why am I holding spiderman’s head

    My son is a rambunctious little tyke. He desperately wanted to get a balloon animal spiderman. We warned him ablout the fragile nature olof balloon animals. The transient joy of a large balloon creation, weighed against the sadness when it eventually pops. I did however think it would last longer than 20 minutes. We visited […]

  • A new beginning

    Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages, Come one come all to to meet the newest member of the CaffiNation Lair’s Staff. it is with great joy that we welcome Amber Elizabeth Muller, She entered the world yelling at 3:09 pm July 12th. Despite the fact that a true lady never tells […]