Category: Drivel

  • Simple Fixes

    The entire house is in shambles. About 2 weeks ago now, The boy was playing ball in the house and threw a ball at a mirror, which broke. This left a hole in the feng shui of the main floor of the house. Which led to me moving my iguana’s cage into the basement lair, […]

  • That was then

    8 years ago, you’ll hear a lot of that today. But 8 years ago seems like a lifetime, and its getting closer to being one. This is my experiance. I was in Philadelphia Attending Temple University as a Junior.It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and i had just gotten out of weight lifting class. Class […]

  • Doggie Doo

    I want to know what the fascination with people watching me walk the dog is. Kids snicker as i pick the poo up, bag in hand. I feel like old man-ning it and flipping around to give them what for, but thats not going to work, no would it end well. For some reason i […]

  • Big Dog

    So I’ve heard recently that walking is actually a treatment for depression. I don’t have depression, but walking the pooch of late has been helping me clear the cobwebs out something awesome. One our nightly constitutionals I’ve been seeing some thigns, I’m gonna have to start sharing. Alright now its bee a while since I’ve […]

  • Perfect

    I have a ton of ideas. The problem is that being a perfectionist, and a self conscious one at that i don’t want to release anything into the wild that isn’t my best work. Which leaves a lot of possibly interesting projects on the cutting room floor. The only time i pushed through was when […]

  • Poetry

    Google Wave is coming, and its going to be neat, so as part of the signup they suggested you write some poetry. Here are my offerings at a Haiku, (1) and a poorly formed, begging sonnet (2) 1.) Communication Connects us to each other Humanity’s Gift 2.) In this diverse world we find ourselves in, […]

  • Flipped Characters

    I love stupid mind games, anything to help pass the time while my physical body is stuck some place, doctors appointment, walking the dog etc. I used to play a game where you would change the victor of a past war or conflict and see what going forward would shift. Got pretty interesting but more […]

  • The secret is in

    You want to know the secret of my power? Its not coffee as you would expect. Come a little bit closer… Its shoes. I don’t collect them or buy expensive ones. I need to wear them to function. If I spend the day sitting around the house without them on you can bet you bottom […]

  • I’m a big guy

    That much is true. I’m generally able to bounce back rather quickly from surgery, injury or pretty much anything life has thrown at me up to this point. Which is why i sit here in my PJ pants dumbfounded. My mind feels fine, when i don’t move i feel fine. but as soon as i […]

  • Whether Weather

    My wife and I suffer from the same issue. More often than not the weather has a tendency to affect our mood in rather dramatic fashions. Rainy weekends are horrible all around and dark dreary weekdays even more so. This past weekend had one lone spot of difference I spent Sunday morning fishing, in the […]