A Day with My Son

Monday has been a good day so far. No work to speak of, and even slept in. The wife and I enjoy these days, even though there is an overshadowing concern of work needing to be done on the house. Things are left undone. But everything pales in comparison to being able to spend the happy hours with Paul.

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He often starts to get cranky when we get home from work, its been a long day for him too he seems to say. He gets up when we do, is shipped off to a sitter, and doesn’t come home until we do. The rub of that whole schedule is that he doesn’t get paid to keep those hours, and its a long day for a baby, its a long day for anyone.

The people who run the daycare are awesome people to say the least, but nothing compares to being able to spend that very same time with him. At this point he’s up, relatively happy, and eating pizza right now. He’s a holy mess and I love it.

Mommy got to take a rest and head out shopping with her birthday money, a much needed rest for her. So we went to the playground and hit up Dunkin’ Donuts for some coffee, for me, and apple juice, for him. Then the stroll home passed him out. Good stuff.

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I just like to note when things go good, so when in two years i read this post again it brings back memories. I know some other people out there get to spend their days with their children, either because they can work from home or their schedule permits. But i hope this rings true with just one person, and prompts them to spend a similar time with their child. Its true that you can’t get this time back. Tomorrow he will be 1 year old, and we are heading to the Zoo as a family.

Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Well I figured this would be a great opportunity to spout off just a little bit. Summer is a great season if your a teacher, sucks if you work at a University, or have a window. Don’t get me wrong there is plenty to do in work. I could probably do with some help on some of the bigger chunks I’m working on but the lack of human contact during the day makes even the busiest day drag. I swear I’m going to start talking to myself soon. I was almost glad when a faculty members machine broke. She brought it in got to watch the tech operate on the machine 4 times, still isn’t fixed but hey Its still under warranty so I’m fine here.

We need to find a happy medium in between crowded and busy to busy and lonely. Thats all I’m saying. That and the fact that the powers that be around here see fit to schedule massive construction projects during the summer, which they should. But it makes even walking around the campus a challenge. Perhaps you should let the minions free for a little bit so the construction workers can do their thing too? Just a  suggestion. Well Folks it was a long week but I survived… on ~48 hours till another week starts… sigh

It’s On

It seems that once again the literary arm of the media juggernaught Paul Rj Muller has once again fallen on hard times… ie this blog hasn’t been updated in a while. I mean just look at the sorry state of the links to your right… pitiful. And that heading disgraceful. I’m barely sure that i want to grace this page with my content. But onward I go.

Has anyone else wondered what else is going on in the world that we are missing out on now that Imus has the spotlight, and sharing it with Anna Nicole’s Baby Daddy. I’m sure a couple well meaning citizens have been engaged in a civic action in need of a fluff story to validate their actions. I’m also sure at least 5 people may have died over the weekend but not a lick of coverage. Its pretty sad that the media circus gets distracted so easily. I guess they all need something else to talk about besides Iraq, Bush and what democrat said who about what now. Are we as a country really this vapid or do we just not care about things of substance.

I’m guilty of this on many occasions. On the political front mainly due to the fact that as an Independent I can’t vote in the Primaries, unless there is a choice among independent candidates. Which basically sucks here in good ole Philadelphia, where the next mayor is decided in the democratic party primary. Way to disenfranchise a whole slew of people. Open primaries would rock in a city so openly and overwhelmingly Democrat.

So I’d like to take this chance to push forth a new news channel that doesn’t get caught up in the gossip news, no fluff stories. perhaps a wiki of news. run by a Community, everyone contributing what they think is news, and the most submissions on a topic gets thrown up there. Would be a fresh blast of air. Perhaps this is a good idea for a podcast… giving this some thought. tabling it for later.

The other story gaining traction is the New Jersey governor in an auto crash. He is listed in critical condition, and was not wearing his seatbelt at the time. It is illegal to ride in a car in the great state of NJ without a seatbelt. Bets on whether he gets a ticket. But seriously all the best wishes to the man. I wish him no ill will and hope for a speedy recovery. But to bring the story back around to what matters in the media, The Gov was on his way to meet with Imus… sigh

Mixed Media is Fun, the message not so much

roller-coaster.jpgWhat do you get when you mix the average price of houses, the inflation adjusted dollar amount and a roller coaster simulator? Well non other than this video, it takes a bit to load but its worth it. I have to say i feel the pinch of the end of that coaster we bought our house in 06, pretty much the highest point on that coaster. It had to be done right?

Sometimes it just sucks to be a young family in this day and age. Now we are not poor, we make a good living. Both adults gainfully employed, but the way the current economy is set up first time home buyer, parents and newlyweds are pretty much up a crick. Our dollars buy less than ever, both people need to work to support car, house, baby. Baby now requires daycare because parents have to work. Its a vicious cycle, a vicious oppressive cycle at times. And the only thing you can do is hold your breath and pray the wrecking ball of time starts to swing the balence a little more towards the center again.

{{{{{(Breathing In)}}}}}

Till next time

BTW Picture Hoisted from Trouble with Spikol, click the pic to head on over, an interesting and witty read
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See you Scotty

For those of you not in the know, the actor formerly know as Scotty, one James Doogan, passed away in Mid 2005. An accomplished actor on various levels, a WWII veteran who landed on D-Day, a Pilot. Holy hell this dude had some life. Not to mention Cult Hero status. Being famous for a line he never said.

Now at the time of his passing I had heard that his ashes would be sent into space. A fitting tribute to a man who spent the larger part of his life being associated with space but never getting to experiance it for himself. Imagine being able to make a living off of Photography with out ever taking a picture only seeing them?

Now having you ashes sent into space isn’t a cheap thing. And like most logical people I didn’t think they would be coming back. Afterall you dead, why do we need to cluttering the joint back up? Once your out have fun drifting towards the sun. Well not only has this event not taken place, yes Scotty hasn’t beamed anywhere at this point, its been over 2 years and still very much earth bound. But it turns out the ashes come back. Well color me surprised. So the Chief Engineering Officer gets one last tour of duty in space before becoming forever earthbound. Well met Sir, and have a safe flight.

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Alright this is the first test of the emergency Blogcasting system. Should this post then all is right with the world. Should this not then we have some minor issues that need to be dealt with. For those of you not in the know, which is probably everyone. WordPress has upgraded its blogging platform from 2.0.X to 2.1.X, in which x is a version number. This change while seemingly purely numerical is a heads and tails jump above the last version, there are cool gadgets behind the scenes to make this a change worth doing.

So of course i dragged me feet getting this up and running. One of the primo changes was actually being able to set pages to draft and private. Previously i had to create pages as if they would be posts, only to transfer them at a later date. Now none of this means anything to anyone.

This blog while most of the time is a rant-infested, panacea for my mind has also turned into the proving grounds for the younger, leaner, and larger brother to my right, the CaffiNation Podcast. So Should this go off without a hitch, and there could have been several then the CaffiNation will be next. Cross your fingers, and put your heads between your legs. First post on the new system

Yahoo Time Capsule

Much has been said of the yahoo time capsule project, and the stupidity of it. Why waste this much energy to beam a message into space, when everyone know that considering the rotation of the earth the message will only be visable for a fraction of a microsecond even at the closest star?

Long winded i know but consider this. Don’t consider the reality of the matter consider the enormity of the task, people are being asked to describe themselves, their world and their feelings. What would you submit to eternity? I submitted two things so far. A picture of my new family in the hospital, mom dad and new baby. And a short sappy paragraph on the same subject. I then spent a couple of minutes perusing the articles, pictures and notes that people had left. Much like sifting through the memorials left when someone passes. serious times, reflective pieces. All in all the world could probably use a bit more reflection and a bit less sarcasm, strife and anger. This coming from a well documented curmudgeon. Take a look.

BTW Costume Number 1… Pumpkin

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The Boy

Picture 037

I still haven’t gotten my head around the whole father thing. I don’t think it makes me a bad dad its just rather that I can’t see myself doing what I’m doing. Diapers, formula. Having deep conversations with the woman i love about poop v wet diapers. That coupled with the fact that he still for all intensive purposes resembles a large sack of flour. However cute that flour may be. He doesn’t do much. Its like a smelly tamagotchi. I still have mine around here somewhere. I should put a battery in that thing so
i can practice this whole feed, clean, burp swaddle cycle we have going on. Nothing more just a general post.

Coffee Update: much to other’s chagrin including my lovely wife. I placed my finger into my glass of cool coffee the other day and placed it in the lads mouth. He smacked with delight and opened his maw for more so I think we have a winner. We’ll keep him. He passed the entrance exam.  

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Testing Testing 1,2,3.

Just a test on how this will work out. Trying to update the blog yet again and have it register as updated in technorati. I swear no communication and no help. They say its been 127 days since I updated this blog. Which is more than a little upsetting as i feel i have been pretty good about keeping up with it of late. Well here goes something. Wish me luck. Also configured Ecto, an awesome blogging utility to look much better on my PC. Still doesn’t beat it on the mac though. Picasa integration please then all
will be good.

Also trying to upgrade wordpress to 2.0.4, from current version, not working out so well so if the whole she band goes up in a ball of wax you’ll know who to blame. thats right the Spanish inquisition.

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Lack of a Better Word

For the most part people tend to use slurs, curses, inappropriate words and the like to express their displeasure with things. There exists a bevy of words, phrases and saying which can display any level of emotion but some words have come to be considered profane. Even to the point of deeming them unfit for so called polite conversation. I often wonder exactly how does one word become so universal yet so loathed. Is it due to the replacement factor? In that people substitute this words for words which more adequately fit their purpose, or is it something deeper. I myself have a problem at times with profane language, in fact there are time during which i feel dumber for having used it. but for trying to go the other way and speak somewhat more properly then you are considered effete, or an elitist. That you supposedly look down on people who use smaller words. I find that i do in fact have quite a serviceable vocabulary and at times a vast one. There are also days in which i cannot seem to string two words together. Not one of those days today…

Just some nonsense. “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men…” ~Wonkism

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